Eid al-Fitr.. Eid etiquette if you are a new groom or fiancé

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Eid al-Fitr brings with it some customs, including kahk, biscuits, and giving Eidiya. And the feast is an amount of money or gifts to express the joy of the holiday for the child, wife, or fiancée, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, the etiquette of presenting the feast on the feast, according to what Hala Al-Azab, the etiquette expert, indicated...

Eid presentation etiquette

for fiancées and wives

The etiquette expert told Youm7: “In these happy days, everyone receives various Eid gifts, especially material gifts.” Eid gifts, “also they are presented to the fiancée on the first visit on Eid al-Fitr, in addition to presenting simple gifts that are suitable for the fiancée’s home and are presented to the head of the family, The bride’s feast is presented in a sophisticated and elegant way, provided that the cash denominations are new, clean and scented inside an envelope and a card containing elegant words and gentle congratulations to the fiancée. The fiancé can also buy an elegant antique piece in which the feast will be placed, so that the antique piece will remain in the fiancée’s room as a beautiful memory of a happy Eid.

Eidiya for children:

She continued:Children eagerly await receiving Eidiyat, but fathers and mothers should teach children not to show their passion in a way that harms their sophistication. Also, they should not ask for gifts from others. Also, when receiving the gifts, the child should take them calmly without attraction, while thanking the one who gave him the gifts, also without counting the money in front of others.

As for the presenter of the feast for the child, it is preferable that he prepare the feast before meeting the children, and it is preferable that it be new money of a small denomination so that the children will be happy with the abundance of money. It is also possible to buy paper wallets in different colors and shapes on which Happy Eid and the name of the child are written. Sitting next to him and congratulating him and giving him the Eid in his hand, caring for the happiness of the child is something that creates a beautiful memory with the joy of Eid.

And she says: “If there are many children in one place, the giver of the gift must take care not to give the gift to children without the others, because this matter is not correct and may grieve the children who did not take the gift. Paper or small colored boxes and different sweets are placed with a new and small cash denomination and distributed to all children without exception.

Eidiya for teenagers:

And it continues “The presenting of the Eidiya varies according to the age of the child. Adolescents feel more embarrassed than the children when presenting the Eidiya to them. The presenter of the Eidiya must be a first-degree relative who is psychologically close to teenagers. Also, the Eidiya must be presented in the form of a large cash denomination inside an open colored envelope. While congratulating the teenager in an elegant way and with a calm smile, the teenagers should also take the Eidiya and thank the presenter of the Eidiya.

Eid etiquette for children
Eid etiquette for children

Presentation of the feast

Presentation of the feast


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