A family counselor puts a prescription to avoid falling into a quarrel on the first day of Eid. Your heart is white

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The atmosphere of the feast and the celebration of the first day of the feast between the spouses, a misunderstanding may occur between the spouses due to disagreement about the places of exits and other reasons that may lead to quarrels, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the following lines a prescription to avoid marital disputes on the first day of the feast, according to what Shaima Iraqi indicated. Family relations consultant.

Avoid the jams

Tips to avoid suffocation on the first day of the feast

Planning to avoid any disagreements on the day of the feast and to receive the feast with manifestations of love and friendship between the spouses The wife should know her husband’s keys to avoid what might cause him to clash with her, and therefore to stand on the most prominent reasons for disagreement, including visiting the husband’s or wife’s family, and sometimes traveling to greet the family. Therefore, agreement, compromise and planning for visits must be made.

Receiving guests on the feast and determining what food is offered to them. The husband may insist on preparing a lunch table and the wife is exhausted from the Ramadan effort and also from arranging the house, and she wants to be content with offering the feast cake and some sweets and juices only, and therefore it should be agreed on how to receive the guests

Preparing in advance for presenting the Eidiya on the Eid. The husband must determine the budget for gifting the Eidiya, and the wife must also be among those who give her the Eidiya or a gift in appreciation of her efforts to make her happy.

Arranging his Eid outing, preparing the children, and preparing their clothes and belongings in sufficient time before going out, in order to avoid delays in getting dressed, which creates a problem for wasting Eid time.

Exchanging congratulations between the spouses on the feast and receiving the feast with love and beautiful words and thanks for the wife’s efforts in Ramadan throughout the month. Sometimes the husband may forget to congratulate his wife on the feast, so he must take into account her feelings and appreciation.

Eid gifts and aspects of spending. The wife may ask her husband to compliment her family by offering gifts to her young siblings or her family, but the husband refuses, and on the contrary, he only gives the children of his family only without giving gifts to any of her family. The wife may get angry and sad because he does not care about her family, so the husband must be within His interests are the wife’s family and his interest in them.

Suffocation on the first day of Eid
Suffocation on the first day of Eid
The first day of the feast
The first day of the feast


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