What will you break the fast on the first day of Eid, according to your horoscope? Gemini structures Koshra

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Many people are waiting for the first day of Eid al-Fitr to perform some different rituals than they are accustomed to throughout the month of Ramadan. There are those who wait for the feast to drink a cup of coffee upon waking up, and there are those who wait to eat a plate of Eid dessert consisting of cakes and biscuits with a cup of tea with milk, and there are Whoever does not specify any rituals for himself except that he sleeps and spends his first vacation in bed, and according to the astrological horoscope he reviews “The Seventh Day” with the expert on horoscopes and numerology, Maya Naji, “breaking the fast” on the first day of the holiday as follows ..


The horoscope expert said that the owners of Aries will think differently, that they will continue on the fasting system, in order to preserve the results they have reached, only they will resort to drinking water or a cup of tea with milk.

Tea with milk


The first thing that Taurus owners think about is preparing a table full of all the different types of food that came to mind during fasting, and it is possible for them to eat grills and casseroles and leave cakes and biscuits for dessert.


As for Gemini, he will think to stay away from any food he used to eat at the suhoor table, such as beans, yogurt, or eggs, and he will think of eating something different, even if it is a koshari dish.



And the horoscope expert added that the owners of this tower will only think of enjoying rest and sleep in order to feel vacation and can only resort to drinking water, with a cup of tea.


The owners of the Leo sign do not hesitate to drink a cup of coffee whenever the cup in his hand ends, to feel different and distinct from what he felt in need of a cup of coffee during the day in Ramadan.


As for those born in the Virgo sign, he will arrange to sit with the family, and then try to find time to go out with friends in an evening with them, spend leisure time, and enjoy traditional food with them.

Celebrating with the family
Celebrating with the family


All that Libra owners think about is making a plate of fruit, which makes them feel refreshed and different from any feeling of thirst during Ramadan.


Scorpios will think of devising a different way to eat breakfast on the first day of the feast. You may find him ordering liver, or even “Scrolls” sandwiches to be different from the past days, along with a plate of delicious cake.

Eid cake
Eid cake


He will prepare a table rich in fesikh, herring and salinity, and present it in unusual ways, and he can borrow a new method from any culture from other countries.


The owners of this tower like to have a hearty breakfast on the first day of Eid, so they can prepare a dish of liver, with a tray of tortillas stuffed with minced meat.

Day feast
Day feast


The Aquarius baby will prepare a cup of tea with milk as well, like those born in Aries. With the Eid cake, it will serve as a good snack until breakfast is prepared for him, including herring, fish, and everything he loves.


Pisces owners will seek to drink a large glass of water immediately after the call to prayer, so that they can feel the difference and that the feast has already arrived and the days of fasting have ended.


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