Tips for choosing a good friend .. After presenting the problem in the Ramadan 2023 drama

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Many dramas dealt with in Ramadan this year, the idea of ​​​​a traitorous friend, resulting from choosing the wrong one for him, and this is what happened in the series “Darb Nar”, “A Legal Relationship”, and “Al-Safara”. With many mistakes and exposure to betrayal, and to avoid that, we review in this report, tips for choosing a good friend, according to the site ” allprodad“.

Tips for choosing a good friend

Choose friends who show good character

A friend must be chosen based on his morals and not on the basis of his position in society, because it is his morals that last and appear in his treatment and behavior with his friend and with others, and her good morals may be a guarantee to avoid betrayal with the passage of time.

Alaa’s betrayal of his friend Shafiq in the series Al-Safara

Choosing reliable friends

Friends must be chosen who are willing to stand by their friends in good times and bad and guide them all the time, and they are also keen to encourage their progress all the time, which will positively affect their friends.

Mai Omar and Dalia Mostafa have a legitimate relationship
Mai Omar and Dalia Mostafa have a legitimate relationship

Choose friends who give wise advice

Friends who are wise must be chosen so that they can be a reference for their friends in any decision. They are also characterized by ambition, good-heartedness, sobriety and honesty, and these qualities are reflected in his behavior with his friends.

Magic betrayal of a filly
Magic betrayal of a filly

Same interests

Every person wants to share with his friends their artistic or sports interests, to take them to clubs to practice a specific sport, or to share with them playing a musical instrument, and other interests and activities that they share with each other, which makes their relations with each other and makes them feel happy together and their friendship lasts for the longest period.

Admitting the mistake

You must choose a friend who has the culture of apologizing and admitting the mistake without arrogance, and dealing with flexibility, which helps to strengthen the relationship and its continuity all the time.


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