The Kanto market and a fire strike.. Why can’t many people forget their first love?

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Many people cannot forget their first love and move forward with their lives, and this is the case of some Egyptian drama heroes during the month of Ramadan, such as Mahra and Jaber, who could not forget their love for each other even after they parted in the series “Darb Nar”, as well as in the “Canto Market” series in the relationship of Saleh and his ex-wife. This is due to several reasons that we review in this report, according to the website ” lifehack“.

Reasons not to forget the first love

The first love was strong

When a person falls in love for the first time in his life, he rushes with all his feelings in his first experience, so the first love was strong and he could not forget it even with the passage of time.


Your initial heartbreak is very strong

One of the reasons for not forgetting the first love is also the feeling of regret for not completing the first love relationship in a person’s life, especially after the state of happiness that he experienced, which made him feel the unforgettable pain.

Mahra and Jaber
Mahra and Jaber

First love and first choices

It may be that the first love was a motive for new choices and determinations, which helped a person develop for the better in his professional and social life, so with the end of the relationship, the person could not forget this love.

Saleh spoke to his ex-wife
Saleh spoke to his ex-wife

First love represents youth

And with the passage of time, the first love refers to the stage of youth and the most beautiful days of life that a person lives in his life, and during which he has the most beautiful memories, and therefore when he falls in love in the first stage of his youth, this relationship is linked to this stage of his life that remains suspended in his memory and he cannot forget it and continues to feel longing for this relationship.

The events of the series “Darb Nar” revolve around Mahra (Yasmine Ahmed Abdel Aziz), a popular girl from Shubra, and Jaber Abu Shadeed (Ahmed Al-Awadi), who comes from Sohag to Cairo to rent from Mahra her family’s store to open it as a rubber workshop in Shubra, and they get to know each other and a great love story develops between them. We end with the marriage, and the duo grows up working together until an evil businessman (Majid Al-Masry) appears, who fights them and enters with them into great conflicts that are revealed by the episodes of the series. Karara turns his life upside down after a big quarrel between him and the merchants of the Kanto market, as a result of which he enters the hospital, and after this incident he turns into a thug who imposes royalties on the market merchants, and a strong love story develops between this young man and a girl that witnesses many difficulties during the events.


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