Parents give their 5-year-old daughter a four-wheel drive car “so she can go to school”

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Malaysian social media was abuzz with the story of a well-to-do young couple who recently bought a Mercedes as a gift for their 5-year-old daughter to motivate her to go to school. Earlier this month, Malaysian businesswoman Farhana Zahra posted a video clip on TikTok asking her daughter Fatima what she wants. As a Christmas present, the girl replied that she wanted either a green Mercedes or a green Mercedes BMW.

@farhanazahra91 Hari tu alasan dia xnak g school sbb belom birthday dia so xcukup lagi 5 tahun , sekarang dia mintak cikna BMW dengan G wagon plak baru nak g school, bmw cikna tahu la , g wagon menatang hape weyh??? 😭😭😭 #farhanazahra91 #fypシ #fyp ♬ original sound – Farhana Zahra

An agreement between the child and her parents

In the same video, Farhana makes the girl pledge that she will go to school if she gets what she wants, and then they conclude the deal, and it seems that Farhana and her husband had problems convincing Fatima to go to school, because she was not yet 5 years old, and they took advantage of this opportunity to persuade her, as he used to. Our parents did in the past, according to OddityCentral.

A surprise for the girl

In another TikTok video posted on April 10, a blindfolded Fatima can be seen being directed by her parents to her surprise birthday gift, which turns out to be just what she asked, Mercedes. G Wagon Green in a transparent gift box, and in the comments, the girl’s mother wrote that she was so excited about the car that she couldn’t stop clutching the keys. How this beautiful.


Happy birthday Nur Fatima Az zahra yang ke 5 ❤️❤️❤️ happy dia dapat G Wagon yang dia nak, sampai dia asyik mintak nak pegang kunci je hahaha

♬ original sound – Farhana Zahra

In the 21-second video, Farhana Zahra explained that she and her husband decided to get what Fatima wanted to motivate her to go to school and fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. The car is supposed to be mainly a driving force for her ambition.

The little girl and the new car

Reactions to the TikTok videos were mixed, with some congratulating Fatima and telling her how lucky she was, and others criticizing the parents for spoiling the little girl with gifts she couldn’t even use or understand.


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