According to your child’s horoscope.. Know what he will do on the feast.. Aquarius loves gathering, and Pisces is calm

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Children have different temperaments, as each child has different rituals and steps from the other child. There are those who care about the smallest details, and there are those who wait for the result, and another who seeks to help his family in order to feel the enjoyment. However, during the Eid, the ways and methods that each child performs at home differ, especially as they wait for the exams that coincide with the end of the Eid al-Fitr holiday. Therefore, “The Seventh Day” reviews with the expert in horoscopes and numerology Maya Naji what the child will do during the Eid, according to his astrological sign.


The owners of this sign will help you and cooperate with you until you serve your family the most delicious meals, especially if there is a family gathering, and the horoscope expert continued that the Aquarius child loves very much to feel the atmosphere of the family feast.


The Pisces child is a quiet child who does not put pressure on you during the holiday preparations, but will offer you help, and enter his room to sleep, until getting ready for the celebration, in preparation for spending a special and quiet time with you after breakfast, and this child may try to persuade you to take him to a swimming pool or one of the Coastal cities.

children at the feast


The children of this sign will avoid arguing with any individual, to avoid nervousness, argument, and pressure, in exchange for him being satisfied with what you offer him.


Taurus child is considered one of the cooperative children, who give you a helping hand in the preparations for the feast, so he does not mind carrying out requests, whether by preparing juices, salads or arranging the dinner, as he is an expert in light preparations.


The Gemini child will try to relieve you, and will not increase your demands, in order for you not to feel mental and physical fatigue, and he may start studying his lessons in preparation for the exams.

Prepare for exams
Prepare for exams


A Cancer child can wake you up in the morning and find him preparing vegetables and arranging the kitchen, so that he can make the most delicious food without tiring you, and provides his family with a meal that is distinguished by happiness and love.


The Leo child does not hesitate to divide tasks among everyone in the house, especially if he is of an age that allows it, and to follow up on preparing food, whether for the breakfast table, or dessert, and fruits, in addition to arranging and organizing the house, so that everything is ready on time, and that Whether it is an ordinary family day or even times of solitude, the lion child can also choose the movie that he will watch with his family.


The horoscope expert added about the Virgo sign that the Virgo child is interested in arranging and organizing the house, supervising the preparation of cake and biscuit dishes, and does not mind asking every hour about developments in the equipment.

Child rearing
Child rearing


The owners of the Libra sign do not hesitate to provide assistance and offer more ideas that help you, in making more foods that enable you to distribute them to the needy, provided that these meals are from the same food that he will eat until he feels satisfied and comfortable.


The Scorpio child will watch you from afar to keep track of what you do and what you finish with, and if he notices that you are starting to feel tired, he will come to encourage you to complete your tasks without getting tired of you. while fasting.



The Sagittarius child does not hesitate to ask for some of the food he craves every minute. Whenever he remembers a meal he ate before, he asks to bring it, with an increase in the bout of “naughtiness” and fun with the children of the family.


He is a calm and silent child. You did not hear his voice during the entire period of fasting, as well as during Eid. Besides, if you asked him for something, he would not refuse your request and he would help you with love.


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