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The Nadra Currency series witnessed some of the events that caused the suicide of “Maryam Al-Khasht” because she was threatened with revealing her secret to her husband, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, important tips for the correct behavior in the event that you are threatened by a known or unknown person, according to what he indicated. Family consultant Dr. Ahmed Allam.

The family consultant told Al-Youm Al-Sabea: “Each person of us has a secret or a group of secrets, whether of his own or of others in his life, and the meaning of a password is something that must be kept secret from others and preserved, and the more important the secret is, the more important it is to preserve it, and the secret may be related to human life, so how can we keep secrets?

Tips to protect yourself in the event that you suffer from a secret and are afraid of revealing its cover:

– Be careful not to think about this matter for long periods, because the subconscious mind’s preoccupation with it may make the tongue humiliate at times and reveal words that reveal it.

– If someone speaks in front of you on a subject related to the secret, make sure to change the subject in an unobtrusive way.

Do not leave any documents related to the subject in accessible places. It is possible to rent a safe in a bank, for example, to hide documents.

– If you had to reveal it to someone, you must be sure through previous experiences that it is impossible for a creature to reveal your secret.

In the event that there is a person threatening you to disclose certain information or pictures that you have accessed, you must tell any relative or person who is trusted or older in him, as he will certainly be safer and better behaved.

– The exploitative person or the one who threatens a girl with a matter of her own is the most cowardly and fearful person. If he finds that the confrontation has become with another person, do not hesitate to tell who can confront him. The girl can also report to the police and she must make sure that in this case this person will be behind bars At the earliest.

– Escaping or committing suicide is not a solution in the first place, so he does not like to reach that point, no matter what.

Maryam Elkhosht commits suicide in the Nile
Maryam Elkhosht commits suicide in the Nile
Maryam Elkhosht
Maryam Elkhosht


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