A Chinese man spends 21 hours on his knees in front of his ex-girlfriend’s workplace, and the police intervene

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A Chinese man has gained wide fame, and also great sympathy on social media, after he spent nearly 21 hours kneeling outside his ex-girlfriend’s workplace in Dazhou City. He kneeled until 10 a.m. the next day, braving the rain, the cold, and the curious looks of passers-by. At first, no one really paid attention to the lonely man who was kneeling in the street with a bouquet of red roses at his side. But as the hours passed, people began to notice him and ask what he was doing. It takes a long time for a crowd to form around him.

During the 21 hours they kneeled

Bystanders try to dissuade him from his behavior

“It is not necessary to keep kneeling,” said a man named Li to the abandoned lover, but he did not budge. At some point, since the man could not hear all the people pleading with him to end his torture, someone called the police to force him to leave, but they did not. They are better off, according to the website odditycentral.

He said his girlfriend broke up with him a few days ago, and one of the police officers told reporters that he wanted to ask her for forgiveness and hoped she could date him again.

Collides with the police

When the police tried to get him to get up and clear the street, the young man said, “Is it illegal for me to kneel here?”

Chinese young man
Chinese young man

The South China Morning Post reported that the man reluctantly took a bouquet and left “reluctantly”, possibly because he could not stand the cold anymore.

It’s unclear why the man’s girlfriend broke up with him in the first place, or if she was at her workplace during the 21 hours he spent on his knees, but, nevertheless, most people didn’t approve of the way he was treated.

One commented, “Why are you insulting yourself? Just let her go,” and another wrote, “From this video, I understand why his ex-girlfriend left him.”


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