5 important steps for your child during the Eid prayer.. that will make him love to pray it every time

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A few hours separate us from the blessed Eid Al-Fitr, and with the joy of Eid and the atmosphere of prayer, we take our children to the mosque or the square to pray, and it may be the first year in which the child performs the Eid prayer. Therefore, we offer some tips for the child’s turnout to Eid and prayer with love and passion, so the seventh day reviews, in the following lines, important steps that endear your son to prayer, even if it is the first year, according to what Shamma Iraqi indicated..

The first year of prayer

Steps to motivate the child to perform the Eid prayer if he is a first year of prayer:

Preparing the child before entering the feast by discussing the importance of having the feast after fasting and that it is a reward for us after adhering to God’s commands and obligations in fasting by drawing closer to the Creator and abstaining from food and drink andPreparing Ramadan decorations for the celebration and hanging balloons and decorations in mosques.

Your child can participate in preparing and distributing some gifts for children during the Eid prayer, which will make him feel happy and joyful and have a desire to go to prayer.

Preparing and choosing Eid clothes, choosing prayer clothes for Eid, and preparing to go to the mosque in the most beautiful way, while accompanying parents to pray.

Teaching the child how to pray and the difference between it and regular prayer And start reciting the takbeers for the feast and sharing the child’s voice in the mosque’s microphone to recite the takbeers and rejoice .

Rewarding the child for his eagerness to pray for the Eid and for his participation in the congregational prayer by giving him some toys and Eid gifts.

Mosques are keen to organize prayer activities by welcoming children with toys, sweets and balloons in an atmosphere of happiness and joy.

Eid prayer and children
Eid prayer and children
Steps to motivate the Eid prayer
Steps to motivate the Eid prayer


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