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Where is the National Center for Human Rights and trade unions for the ongoing violations?

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publish date 2023-04-20 12:36:09

Amman – Raed Sbeih

Human rights activist and lawyer, Laila Atta, criticized in her statements to “compass“The continued absence of civil society institutions and trade unions to defend the political arrests of political activists, partisans and trade unionists for expressing their opinions, stressing that the body most capable of providing support to these people, defending them and putting pressure on the government and security services to get them out of prison is the National Center for Human Rights, which His absence from the human rights reality has become remarkable for all.

Atta called for the need to deal with the file of political detainees from the standpoint of consolidating justice and rights and preventing injustice against them, and not only demanding today their release so that they can spend the days of Eid al-Fitr among their families as a human right for them and not as a favor or generosity from anyone.

Their release is a right, not a grant

Atta said: When we discuss the issue of political detainees, we must raise it from the starting point of achieving justice, and we have the Penal Code, the Crime Prevention Law, and the Anti-Terrorism Law, and these laws define what a crime is politically.

And she pointed out that “through my dealings with political detainees, the criminalization does not take place through the person’s actual actions. Rather, they choose the text of a legal article, and they make the detainee compulsorily confess, and sometimes they sign them on white papers, and sometimes they write the investigation report on their tongues and force them to sign, and a lot. Of the political detainees, this happens to them, and this is the fact that we must stop at.”

Human rights activist Laila Atta: The government must take real measures to monitor and follow up on human rights violations in prisons

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And she continued by saying: “The issue is not a matter of mercy and their release so that they can spend the holidays with their families. The issue is related to achieving justice. These people are not held accountable for crimes punishable by law.

She explained, “Through our work in the State Security Court, I feel that the state and security services are arresting certain groups and activists without any reason, not for taking strong political positions or for expressing their opinion. By arresting those who talk about this idea so that others are afraid and no one dares to talk about the same idea, so the arrest takes place because of a publication, a sentence, or a simple expression of opinion in the context of a specific idea.”

Institutions that receive support and turn a blind eye to violations

The human rights activist Atta expressed her extreme astonishment that “we have many human rights associations and women’s rights associations, and on the other hand, we notice that there is no real movement by them to defend political detainees, even in the Bar Association and the Professional Syndicate Complex. We are supposed to have committees for freedoms and it is supposed to These parties take action in cases of political detention, but unfortunately all committees have become absent.”

And she added, “Human rights have become preoccupied, and this is a fact we notice. Reports are completed and submitted with the aim of obtaining material support and money, but there is real activity on the ground to defend human rights, so we find nothing of that.”

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Atta said, “Human rights defenders know that political detainees are absent for a month or two, and confessions are extracted from them under torture for crimes they did not commit. Human rights organizations acknowledge that their reports on the human rights situation benefit them in obtaining aid and donations.

between humanity and rights

She pointed to a blatant example of discrimination against political detainees, saying: During the Corona period, many detainees were released, including drug users, but it was impossible for us to demand the release of political detainees, while they were arrested and not serving a sentence, and yet their release was completely refused despite health risks at the time.

Atta continued by saying: I want to be realistic. Do we call on the government today to release them for humanitarian reasons and to remove political detainees from prisons so that they spend the holiday with their families? The government originally does not see that they have any rights, and thus the government implements the policies it likes by force and arrests any activist who declares his political positions. Violation.

Who is most capable of moving to strengthen the human rights reality?

Atta stressed that “the National Center for Human Rights is the body that can move the most and achieve achievements that other human rights bodies in Jordan cannot achieve through the powers it possesses, and yet there is no movement.”

She said, “We resorted to the National Center for Human Rights in many cases, and most of what it did was to receive complaints and follow them up. When we review, the officials at the center tell us that our work here has ended and the situation has become legal.”

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She pointed out that “the center knows that the conditions to which political detainees are subjected are not legal, yet why does it seek to legalize it from its point of view.”

Atta noted that “if the National Center is unable to fulfill its role as a body defending human rights, then let them provide us with a list of the measures they took and the matters they followed up in prisons and of the detainees whom the center was able to pressure for their release. Otherwise, they do not have the right to say that they are a center for the defense of human rights.” Then he stands powerless to defend the political detainees.”

Amending legislation.. Who rings the bell?

On the role of legislation regulating human rights reality and its protection and the need to amend it, lawyer Laila Atta commented: The problem with legislation today and its application is the lack of oversight over government agencies when mistakes are committed against detainees who have been detained for several years and then the final verdict is acquitted, so who bears the responsibility and who raises the damage reality on these.

She pointed out that “the arbitrary measures taken against activists and ordinary citizens and the harm inflicted on them, why can’t the one who has been harmed sue the party that abused him and deserve compensation for the material and psychological damages.”

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Atta said: “Let us be more logical on the issue of amending legislation, which is related to the understanding in the street. Did organizations and institutions concerned with human rights submit proposals to the House of Representatives about laws that should protect human rights in Jordan? Did the National Center for Human Rights submit proposals regarding amending laws?” To achieve greater human rights guarantees until the House of Representatives adopts them, there is nothing practical and tangible presented to the legislative authority for all of us to demand it and hold them accountable for it.

A human rights message to the government

In a letter addressed to the executive authority, Atta said that the government should take a clearer stance on political freedoms, because the space that the government is talking about in theory and in its statements does not correspond to the actual reality, and here we are facing a big problem.

And she stressed the need for the government and the concerned authorities to review the human rights reality, the agencies responsible for law enforcement and to stand up to the violating and arbitrary measures against political detainees and others, and a real review whether these people deserve to be arrested and suspended for all this period and then the verdict is their innocence, and therefore there must be real procedures for monitoring And continue.

Inclusive National Alliance

The Public Freedoms and Human Rights Committee of the Islamic Action Front party held a press conference at the beginning of April on the reality of freedoms in Jordan.

The Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front, Eng. Murad Al-Adaileh, said that it is not possible to talk about political modernization in light of the decline in public freedoms and the security summons that the situation has reached to summon women.

Adaileh added during the conference that summoning women is not appropriate in Jordan, the Jordanian culture, and even the culture of the security establishment.

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He reviewed security interventions in the establishment of parties and even their internal elections, stressing that partisan life cannot succeed without complete freedom.

Al-Adaileh called for the release of all political detainees with the approach of elections, so that citizens would be sure of entering a new phase entitled public freedoms, which is the only way out of the political crisis.

He pointed out that the escalating Zionist extremism that threatens Jordan must be answered by Jordanian democracy that gives the Jordanian people the right to confront this extremism.

In turn, the head of the committee, Attorney Bassam Freihat, highlighted in the statement he read during the conference a number of important issues that affect the reality of freedoms in Jordan and constitute a serious violation of it and represent the reality of the situation, on top of which are arbitrary arrests, travel bans, security summons, summoning women and activists and interrogating them beforehand. The security services, as well as the failure to enforce judicial decisions that harmed the reputation of the Jordanian state, especially with regard to the issue of the Teachers Union, as well as restrictions on partisan and political activity, restricting press and media freedoms, and restricting trade union work through continuous interaction through the security grip and the continuation of the customary mentality.


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