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One death and two injuries in a run-over accident in Zarqa

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publish date 2023-04-20 10:36:25

The cadres of the external patrols dealt with 5 traffic accidents, within 24 hours, in the various governorates of the Kingdom.

A security source said that the cadres of the foreign patrols dealt with a run-over accident on the 100th Street towards Zarqa, which resulted in one death and two injuries, and they were taken to Al-Totanji Sahab Hospital.

He added that a deteriorating accident was dealt with near Zarqa Private Hospital, which resulted in 4 moderate injuries, and they were treated to Zarqa Governmental Hospital.

He pointed out that a collision between two vehicles was dealt with before the airport bridge towards the south, resulting in 3 injuries.

The foreign patrol cadres dealt with a vehicle accident on the Irbid-Amman road, which resulted in one moderate injury, and he was treated to Princess Haya Military Hospital.

An accident involving a vehicle collapsed in Mafraq, specifically before the tank roundabout, resulted in two injuries. They were taken to King Talal Military Hospital, and their condition was described as moderate.

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