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Because of their low prices, Jordanians buy Eid sweets from bakeries

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publish date 2023-04-20 13:25:56

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Major bakeries in the capital, Amman, and other governorates, are witnessing a great demand by citizens to buy Eid sweets, especially Maamoul and Eid cakes, due to their low prices compared to the prices sold in specialized sweet shops.

Workers in this sector told Al-Bawsala that a number of major bakeries witnessed crowding by citizens wishing to secure Eid sweets, while the turnout was low in specialized sweet shops, due to the large discrepancy in prices.

The Syndicate of Restaurant and Sweets Owners set the prices of “maamoul” and Eid sweets, as there has been no change in bakeries, compared to last year.

According to the syndicate, the prices of maamoul range between 9-15 dinars per kilogram, noting that the price of a kilo of sweets stuffed with pistachios amounted to 15 dinars, while nuts amounted to 11 dinars, and dates ranged from 9-10 dinars.

She pointed out that the prices of specific sweets are the same as last year’s prices, despite “the high prices of production inputs that go into the confectionery industry,” explaining that prices depend on supply and demand among shop owners.

The head of the Syndicate of Restaurant and Sweets Owners, Omar Al-Awwad, said that the Jordanians’ demand for restaurants and sweets is witnessing a noticeable decline, and this is due to the scarcity of liquidity in the hands of citizens.

In a statement to Al-Bawsala, Al-Awwad described the purchasing movement with the approaching end of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr as modest, pointing out that the citizen is reducing expenses, especially those related to the demand for restaurants or sweets restaurants.

He pointed out that the Jordanian citizen is now resorting to low and medium-priced items, so instead of buying high-priced items of sweets, he buys economical items to be presented during the Eid period, which suffices the purpose.

According to Al-Awwad, the rise in the prices of many commodities, especially foodstuffs, started from the Corona crisis until the Ukrainian war crisis, which prompted the citizen to reduce expenses to compensate for these increases, which affected many sectors, most notably restaurants, sweets, and the clothing sector.

In turn, the Consumer Protection Association called on all regulatory authorities to intensify their inspection tours of the markets before Eid Al-Fitr, especially shops selling clothes and sweets, which are considered among the basic requirements for receiving Eid Al-Fitr.

In a statement by the official of the media office, Maher Hajjat, to Al-Bawsala, the association appealed to merchants to take into account the difficult living conditions of citizens and to be content with moderate and acceptable profit margins.

The association called on housewives to manufacture Eid sweets, especially those made at home, in order to reduce the financial burdens on their families in light of the increasing living requirements that strain the family’s income.


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