The Children’s Reserve series.. How can I keep my girlfriend?

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The series “The Reserve” instills in the hearts of our children many good habits and good behaviour. The series showed a scene where one of the fish in the reserve broke the mirror of its only friend, and because they had a strong friendship and bond, the other was not affected by what happened, and that was in a suspenseful framework, and from the inspiration of this distinguished series to you, Madam some Mentors who have been instrumental in creating and maintaining strong relationships. According to the website thriveworks

The following tips

1- Create time together and make the most of it

Of course, it’s nice to have multiple friendships, and strong relationships require staying connected and spending quality time together. Therefore, at least communicate with your friend when you can, possibly agree on weekly dates; Or send them text messages to let them know you’re thinking of them.

2- Be honest with each other

Another key to making your friendships stronger is to be open and honest with your friends. When both people are able to listen carefully to each other, they express their feelings in the same way. And they arrive at sound solutions to their problems.

3- Show your interest

If you want to make strong and lasting friendships, you must continue to show that you care about your friend. This does not require you to take extreme measures, but simply find ways to express your love and appreciation for him.

4- Go on new adventures

Psychologist Dr. White Fisher says, “One of the essential components of a strong relationship is to enjoy the person in front of you, try to have beautiful memories of your past full of adventures, or engage in a difficult exercise, or experience cooking together. This will revive your friendships and create a stronger bond.” .

The series “The Protectorate”, directed by Ahmed Mahdy and Hussein Magdy, screenplay and dialogue by Basil Magdy, produced by “Hashtag” Essam El-Sakka, and supervised by General Islam Abdel Hakim.


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