Leave your phone… a Japanese restaurant imposes a strange condition on its customers while eating

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A group of noodle restaurants in Japan knows a rule that cannot be bypassed, which is “eat quickly and leave”, as customers’ preoccupation with smartphones is what prompted the people responsible for these restaurants to set a specific time to eat and leave immediately..

According to what was published by the site cnn “Once, when we were busy, we noticed a customer who had not started eating for 4 minutes, he was watching videos on his phone while his food was cooling in front of him,” says the manager of those restaurants, Keto Kai. “When the seats are full and I see people stop eating while staring at their smartphones, I tell them to stop.”

The owner of the restaurant says that the width of the thin pasta he serves does not exceed one millimeter, so it begins to expand and spoil very quickly, and with this logic, waiting for four minutes may lead to a bad meal..

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The restaurant has 33 seats, however, Kai says it is not unusual to have 10 people waiting in line for a seat at peak hours. stop,” and explains that he has not posted any signs asking people to put their phones away; Instead, he talks to clients one-on-one.

There are similar rules in other restaurants. One of the fast food branches in Singapore has allocated a set of lockers for customers to put their phones in before entering the place, and the goal is to spend more time with their children while eating.

And smartphone restrictions aren’t just about eating. In 2021, he released a suite Adachi Tokyo has an ordinance against people using their phones while walking or riding their bikes.


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