After the emergence of “Rebound” relationships with the Ramadan 2023 series, what are its signs?

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In Ramadan 2023, the dramas presented a number of models of emotional relationships that exist in reality, including the “rebound” or “rebound” relationship. rebound“, which appeared in the series “Darab Naar” and “Memoirs of a Husband”, which in fact causes psychological damage later on to the other party, and to avoid that, we review in the report signs indicating that you are in a “rebound” relationship, according to what was mentioned by the site ” instyle“.

What is the relation of “rebound”

Before we get to know the signs, we must first review the meaning of the term “rebound” relationship, which refers to entering into an emotional relationship after a very short period of a previous relationship that lasted for a long time.

Signs that you are in a “rebound” relationship

He talks about the previous romantic relationship

One of the signs that you are in a “rebound” relationship is that the other party remembers the previous emotional relationship all the time, and talks about it most of the time, about the characteristics of the ex-lover, and his memories with him.

Another image from Diary of a Husband series

Very short time between the two relationships

One of the indicative signs is that a very short period has passed between the previous emotional relationship and the current relationship, which did not give the person an opportunity to recover and get over the old relationship until he enters into a new one.

Another picture of Zidane and Mahra
Another picture of Zidane and Mahra

Your relationship is superficial

This relationship is also superficial, as the other party does not want to know more about you, whether your full name or any news about you, the names of your friends, your hobbies, your memories, and other things about you.

A scene from a husband's diary
A scene from a husband’s diary

Not available most of the time

One of the indicative signs is that the other party is not available most of the time, does not meet your emotional needs, and is always busy with you.

Mood Swings

When the other party talks about his previous emotional relationship, he feels mood swings and criticizes you all the time and always pretends that he is not satisfied with his life, and feels hostility and anger.


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