A series under guardianship.. 5 steps to maintain your hair while wearing the veil

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Many stars appeared during this year in many dramas in Ramadan 2023, with the veil, most notably the star Mona Zaki in the series “Under Guardianship”. Hijab wearers need to follow different ways to take care of their hair, by following several tips that “The Seventh Day” reviews in this report, according to the “Seventh Day” website.coveteur“.



You have to choose the appropriate hairstyle for you, during the veil, so that your hair is not exposed to breakage, tightness, or a feeling of tension, all you have to do is put a low bun or a low ponytail, taking into account not to pull the hair, or you can make a braid to ensure that your hair is stable and does not come out From the veil, it is also preferable to use rubber bands to be simple on your hair.

Series under guardianship
Series under guardianship

A suitable choice for the type of veil

You should choose a type of veil suitable for your hair, or put a lower head cover under the veil, to be a barrier between your hair and the outer veil, and it is preferable that what touches your hair directly is made of cotton, silk or satin, and stay away from synthetic fibers, as cotton helps your hair breathe, And the lack of a sense of completion, and the hair is not negatively affected by friction with it, and it also maintains the temperature of your hair and protects against breakage.

Care of the veiled girl's hair
Care of the veiled girl’s hair

Wash the veil regularly

You have to make sure that the veil is clean first to make sure that there is no dust, sweat, and the accumulation of oils or creams that you use on your hair on it, while making sure not to wear it while it is wet so that it does not cause the formation of harmful fungus.

Set a daily time for your hair to breathe

When wearing the hijab all day, some hair follicles may be affected and die. All you have to do is set a time at least every three hours to take off the hijab and loosen the hair while moving it, in order to breathe fresh air and stimulate blood circulation, to preserve the hair follicles.

veil rolls
veil rolls

Home tips

When you get home, you have to loosen your hair completely, so that it feels free and oxygenated. You also have to massage the hair scalp with your hand without resorting to using any oils or creams in order to promote blood circulation and hair growth, while developing a routine to take care of your hair, using natural oils suitable for your hair, and using a wide-toothed comb. Choose the right products to moisturize your hair.

A scene from the series
A scene from the series


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