Yehia and Kunouz.. 4 tips to help you teach your child to accept loss

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In one of the episodes of the cartoon series Yahya and Kunouz, Kunouz was competing with one of her classmates for the title of head of the stage in their school, but she did not get the title, and she got to be the assistant head of the group, and this made her feel upset, which caused her to cry, as a result of her failure to accept the loss, But her father and her brother, Yehia, tried to calm her down, and the seventh day reviews how to teach children to accept loss, according to the website’s bulletin.betterkids“.


Before the competition, you should know that there is a winner and a loser

Before playing or entering any competition, even if academic or professional, all competitors must know that there is a winner and a loser, so the game leader must point out to everyone that the two teams are both friends, and they play for the sake of fun and consolidation of the relationship, and that after the end of the game there is a winner and a loser And the loser has to accept that and seek development.

Don’t mind being upset

You have to set rules for any game, and one of the most important of these rules is recognizing that it is okay to feel upset when you lose, and in that case you should take a deep breath, or drink a glass of water, and prepare for the next competition.

Yahya and Kunuz
Yahya and Kunuz

Help them accept the loss

It is useful to know how the behavior of the other child affects his peers. When children are upset about the loss, they may be upset with themselves or others. You can pet them and encourage them to the upcoming competition. Accepting defeat is better than blaming anyone.

The right way to celebrate winning

Receiving victory is as important as receiving defeat. When you win, you must be calm and considerate of the other team’s feelings, console them, and then make them share the victory with you.

Yahya and Treasures series
Yahya and Treasures series


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