The series “Darb Nar” .. How do you spend a romantic honeymoon in the way of Zidan and Mahra?

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The events of the series “Darb Nar” yesterday revolved around the birth of a mahra (Yasmine Abdelaziz) in a hospital, and she called him Hassan, where she and Jaber previously agreed to name their first children, and she married businessman Zaidan “Majid Al-Masry”, and they traveled together to spend a romantic honeymoon, Brides can use the honeymoon of Mahra and Zaidan in arranging their travel after marriage, by following the following steps, which we review in this report.

How do you spend a romantic honeymoon on the way Zidane?

Fill the room or the house with flowers

A woman prefers a man who spoils her all the time and expresses his love for her always, and the best way to express his love for her is to cover the floor with red flowers, whether in their home or in the room they rented in the hotel for their honeymoon, which brings happiness and joy to the soul of the bride and makes her feel appreciated and loved. her groom.

Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Majid Al Masry

Take her on a yacht on the sea

It is also preferable for the husband to accompany his wife on a yacht on the sea, as Zidan did with a filly or on a boat on the Nile, so that they can live in a dreamy romantic atmosphere, which makes the bride feel happy, and strengthens their relationship with each other.

Mahra and Zidan
Mahra and Zidan

Mahra and Zidan on a picnic on the sea
Mahra and Zidan on a picnic on the sea

He whispered romantic words to her ears

The husband must also repeat the romantic words to his wife’s ears during the honeymoon, which the woman prefers and makes her feel his love for her. time passing.

Another picture of Zidane and Mahra
Another picture of Zidane and Mahra

Take memorial photos

During the honeymoon, the couple should not forget to take souvenir photos of them, so that they can keep them and watch them afterwards to remember their first days together.

Happy filly with Zidane
Happy filly with Zidane

The series “Darb Nar”, written by Nasser Abdel Rahman, directed by Mostafa Fekry, and produced by Synergy Company. It is scheduled to be shown exclusively on the channel. on and platform watch it Electronic, and co-starring next to the star Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Al-Awadi, each of Majed Al-Masry, Hoda Al-Etribi, Suhair Al-Morshedy, Donia Al-Masry, Israa Rakha, Ahmed Ghazi, Eman Al-Sayed, Badria Tolba, Ahmed Abdullah, Tayseer Abdel Aziz, Tamer Magdy and others. .


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