Ramadan teaches us.. 5 steps to teach your child how to become a calm personality

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Having a calm child is a blessing from God, as a quiet child has more skills, the most important of which are self-control of anger, respect for others, honesty, focus and intelligence, but on the contrary, children who are constantly possessed by anger cannot control their emotions, and they are always Distracted, Dr. Salma Abu Al-Yazid, a mental health consultant, told Al-Youm Al-Sabea that the month of Ramadan is a great opportunity that parents should take advantage of to teach their children calmness, and there are different ways to do that, including:

a truce of anger

The mental health consultant says that the first thing to do when we are angry is to remain silent and ask permission to move to another place, to restore calm, with the agreement that when returning to the conversation it must be calm, without shouting, or responding with sarcasm, and in this way they will learn to separate their mind and remove anger and confusion. about them.


Learn deep breathing

And the mental health consultant continued, one of the most important mistakes that everyone should avoid is controlling breathing, avoiding superficial breathing, and adhering to deep breathing, as this type helps calm the body, which helps the mind reach the required calmness.


The mental health consultant added that this method, which is called the countdown, helps to forget anger, arrange thoughts, choose words before saying them, and hurt others. He feels embarrassed or sad, so he should not say it.

raising a child
raising a child

Change your thinking

We have to teach our children, and we also learn, that when we get angry and think negatively, we must stop it immediately, change our way of thinking, and it is preferable to think about something positive, and you can remember some funny situations or successful decisions that you made.

Cuddle your baby

When he gets angry with your child, do not hesitate that your first reaction to him is to hug him, and not leave him unless he calms down completely, and then go back to talking again. You will notice that the child has changed his way of thinking, and he may have forgotten what was the cause of the problem.

child education
child education


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