Al-Safara series.. How do you fix your relationship with your wife? “So you don’t look like Shafiq and Shireen”

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The events of yesterday’s episode of the series “Al-Safara” revolved around Shafiq’s release from prison, and his going to his brother’s notable who works in illegal business, with Shafiq’s wife Sherine, and the latter tries to discover his new life after using the whistle, and his wife tells him that he is currently unemployed and he has to rest in private After Wajih becomes the head of the family and manages the business, she leaves him to sleep because of her association with many work appointments tomorrow, and Shafiq suffers from his wife’s neglect of him, and some couples may suffer from this in their married life for many reasons, and this problem can be fixed by following several tips that we review in this report According to the website,theschooloflife“.

How fit your relationship with your wife?

Talk to the wife

The husband must set a time to talk to his wife about his fears and how he feels about her during this period, and the changes that have occurred in their lives and spoiled them so that she can tell him about her feelings.

Shireen ignores Shafik

Listening to the wife

The husband must listen to the wife carefully and give her the opportunity to express what she feels towards him, and the reasons that made her change towards him, until they find a solution.

Shirin and Shafiq
Shirin and Shafiq

accommodating the wife

The husband must understand the wife and sympathize with her, without passing judgment on the reasons she confronted him and made her change towards him, and he promises her to fix this matter.

Another image
Another image

Talk too

The husband must also express his feelings, fears, and thoughts about his relationship with his wife during this period, so that they think together to find a solution to this situation so that their relationship stabilizes and returns to how it was in the past.

Giving gifts and changing the routine of life

The husband must take the initiative to present a gift to his wife to express his intense love for her and his appreciation and agree with her to change their daily routine, so that they feel happy and their lives return to being stable as they were before.


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