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The occupation undermines the peace treaty with Jordan with its attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque

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publish date 2023-04-06 22:00:44

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, Ayman Safadi, said on Thursday that Israel is undermining the peace treaty with Jordan and with the rest of the Arab countries with its recent attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“Israel makes it difficult for us to engage in any kind of peace talks and undermines peace treaties between it and Jordan and other Arab countries,” Safadi said, during an interview on the American CNN channel.

According to Safadi, “what Israel is doing now is pushing us all towards a cycle of violence and making it impossible for us to work together for the benefit of all.”

Al-Safadi stated, “We have always said that respecting the Palestinians’ right to freedom of worship, allowing people to worship freely, and not storming Al-Aqsa Mosque will prevent the outbreak of violence.” But he said, “Unfortunately, Israel did the exact opposite, and we are going through this very dangerous moment.”

He added, “The matter is now in the hands of Israel to stop its hands from provocative attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque, and to grant the Palestinians freedom of worship,” noting that “Israel is closing in on churches with the approach of Easter.”

He said that “talk about peace lies in Israel not moving forward with the radical agenda of some members” of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government.

He said that the escalation that took place today on the Israeli-Lebanese border is “the result of the unjustified Israeli aggression,” which we saw in Al-Aqsa Mosque. Safadi said, “We are now in a dangerous situation, which we have worked for months to avoid, and it is a moment when violence erupts.”

He explained, “What we see manifesting on the Lebanese borders is a reaction to what happened at Al-Aqsa as a result of the unjustified Israeli aggression against peaceful worshipers who perform their religious duties. We have seen this before. You cannot do the same thing and expect a different reaction.”

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