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Freekeh and meat with brown sauce are dishes that can be served in the breakfast menu of the thirteenth day, not Ramadan, and it can also be served in more than one way. Freekeh can be mixed with liver and giblets, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the next report how to make meat with brown sauce and freekeh stuffed with liver. On the way of Chef Mai Siam.

Meat with brown sauce

How to make freekeh with liver and giblets

3 cups of freekeh

Liver and giblets


black pepper

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

3 cups of water or soup

How to prepare freekeh with liver and giblets

Prepare an appropriate container Then sauté the gizzards with black pepper and garlic until they change color

Then wait for the gizzards to brown, add the liver and stir well

Then add salt and stir until it absorbs well and changes color

Then prepare another pot on the fire and put the municipal ghee inside it

Then sauté the chopped onion until it is just browned Then add grits and stir well

Then add salt and black pepper and stir well

Then add water and let it brew

Then calm the fire, preferably put the devil and leave to ripen

After the freekeh is cooked, put the liver and giblets on top of the freekeh and stir well. It is possible to put the freekeh with the liver and giblets in a bramble, add a quarter cup of water and put it in the oven to take a color

How to make brown sauce meat: Ingredients:

Half a kilo of sliced ​​meat

2 tablespoons of flour


black pepper

Two cubes of butter

Rosemary stick or a quarter spoon if dried

How to prepare brown meat:

Put the meat in a frying pan with oil and butter

Then Shouhaha until you take the color from all sides

Then add rosemary and you can add a clove of garlic

Then add a cube of butter and put the flour and stir in the same pan with the meat, and stir until the flour disappears completely

Then add water to settle the meat

After the meat has been cooked, a thick, brown sauce will remain. It is served with the meat and placed on top of the freekeh

Freekeh with liver
Freekeh with liver
How to prepare meat with brown sauce
How to prepare meat with brown sauce


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