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Murbuha, “Rahma Ahmed,” encouraged the offspring, “Mustafa Gharib,” the son of the eldest, while he was participating in the karate match, which ended with the victory of the offspring, and because encouraging and supporting the child is important to push him to win and continue to practice sports, we review, in this report, tips that help encourage the child to practice sports According to the website,healthychildren“.

Tips to encourage the child to exercise

Talk to your child’s doctor

You should talk first with the child’s doctor, to find out his health condition and the sports or physical activities that are appropriate for him.

Have fun with it

The child must be helped to find a sport in which he feels enjoyment, so that he can continue to practice it, with the need for some family members to participate in this exercise in order to support the child and encourage him to continue exercising.

A scene from the series Al-Kabir Awi

Plan ahead

You must ensure that the child has a suitable time and place to exercise, during the day, while making sure that the sports equipment used by the child is safe, comfortable and suitable for him..

provide games

Equipment must be provided for the game that the child plays at home, to encourage him to continue playing sports and exercising at home.

Another scene
Another scene

child participation

The child must participate in sports or other physical activity, so that he can continue to exercise, whether it is walking, cycling or other exercises.

Set limits

A certain time must be set for study times, watching TV, and exercising so that the child continues to practice them all the time.

The Great series
The Great series

Avoid overactivity

Exercise and physical activity should not harm the child. If it becomes painful for the child, the child becomes less active, or the exercises interfere with school, then the exercise time should be reduced, the child’s schedule should be arranged, and the child’s health status should be spoken to the doctor.

And the series “Al Kabeer Oy 7” starring Ahmed Makki, Rahma Ahmed, Mohamed Salam, Bayoumi Fouad, Mustafa Gharib, Hisham Ismail, Sama Ibrahim, Hatem Salah and other artists, in addition to the appearance of a number of guests of honor, and the work is produced by Synergy Company, written by Mostafa. Saqr, Mohamed Ezz El-Din, and directed by Ahmed El-Gendy.


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