Suhoor on the 13th of Ramadan.. Al Tasa pizza with green salad

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Pizza is one of the delicious foods that adults and children love due to the abundance of colors in it in the vegetables and foods that can be prepared with it, and it can be served to children at the suhoor table to encourage them to enjoy that meal for Ramadan suhoor, but there are many mothers for whom dough at night is one of the difficult tasks , to wait for the dough to ferment, along with the time required for the pizza to fully ripen, so “The Seventh Day” with Chef Rania Qassem reviews an easy and quick way to make a tasa pizza with green salad for today’s suhoor.

The bowl

Modus operandi of the bowl pizza with green salad

the components

Shami bread “enough for the family”


black pepper, salt to taste

Green, yellow, and red peppers, and hot peppers can be added if your family likes spicy food

1 onion


Green and black olives

Mozzarella cheese

Cheddar cheese


Al Tasa Pizza
Al Tasa Pizza

Modus operandi of the bowl pizza with green salad

How to prepare

In a hot frying pan, add a little butter, then beat the eggs well with black pepper and salt.

Pour the eggs into the pan, leave for a minute, then flip to the other side.

Add the eggs to the loaf of Shami bread, and stir again.

Add the tomatoes, potato rings, colored peppers, mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese.

Leave on the stove until the cheese melts well.

This method is repeated until the amount of bread and the rest of the ingredients are used up. Any addition can be replaced with meat or leftover chicken from breakfast and a completely different meal is made.

Al Tasa pizza is served on suhoor with green salad, french fries, and a glass of milk.



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