Ramadan teaches us.. 4 steps to accustom children to charity

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Charity is one of the values ​​urged by Islam and all divine religions, and the month of Ramadan is considered one of the most months of the year in which everyone’s benevolence towards each other increases. Also, feeling is not only from the able-bodied to the poor, so we review the most important advice to accustom children to benevolence.

Set an example

When a child grows up in an environment where benevolence prevails, he also acquires that value, as this is a natural matter, and it may be very useful to involve children in your voluntary or charitable activities, which are many in the month of Ramadan, from collecting alms money and distributing them to the needy. , Preparing breakfast meals and distributing them to those who are fasting, and helping adults in nursing homes, with these behaviors good behavior is reinforced, and it gives them a live opportunity to acquire that habit.


Diversity in the ways of charity

There are many different ways of charity, whether by donating financially to charities, or volunteering time and effort in associations and care homes for the elderly, orphans, or the blind, or distributing food, or helping the needy, or caring for animals, or donating blood, all of these methods can be done in front of your children And with their help.

Righteousness and charity
Righteousness and charity

made him think

You can ask a question to the child and suggest ideas appropriate to his age, such as donating unused clothes, helping to wash and prepare them, donating toys that have not been used yet, or collecting money and going to buy some stationery that those in need can use, such as pens, colors, external books, and books reviews.

Kindness to the needy
Kindness to the needy

Donate time

You have to teach your child the value of time and the use of every minute that you do not need in your own work in doing good, and that good is not only related to the poor, but rather to helping everyone in need, especially if the mother needs help in arranging the house or preparing food, or doing some tasks on behalf about her.


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