Inheritance and female circumcision… the most prominent women’s issues in the Ramadan 2023 series

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The Ramadan 2023 drama shed light on many important issues affecting our Egyptian society in general and women in particular, in an attempt to educate society about women’s issues and clarify their impact on society between problems of marital relations, inheritance issues, female circumcision, and other important issues that it reviews today. VII in this report.

The inheritance of women in Upper Egypt

The Nadra Coin series deals with the issue of depriving women of their inheritance in some governorates, especially Upper Egypt, where the Upper Egypt woman is exposed to fierce conflicts, whether with her family or her husband’s family after his death, for obtaining her inheritance, through the story of “Nadra”, whose husband was killed and her husband’s family tries to deprive her of his inheritance. On the pretext that women do not inherit in Upper Egypt, so that the land does not go out to a stranger.

Rare coin.

Inheritance disputes due to greed

The series “Jamila” also discusses the same issue of “inheritance” in completely different circumstances and social class, as Reham Hajjaj, the heroine of the series, plays the role of “beautiful” and enters into major conflicts with her siblings because of her inheritance from her father.


Female genital mutilation, early marriage and empowerment of women

In the series “Hazrat El Omda”, “Ruby” discusses many women’s issues, most notably female genital mutilation and early marriage, in addition to social issues that greatly intersect with women, such as illegal immigration, private lessons, and the series also discusses the challenges of empowering women and monopolizing leadership positions over men. Just.

Honorable Mayor.
Honorable Mayor.

marital violence

The series “A legitimate relationship” discusses two important issues. The first discusses violence against women within the framework of marital life, which has very negative effects on the marital relationship and the psyche of the wife, through the problem of Buthaina and Amjad. It also discusses the disadvantages of the secret second marriage, whether on the first family and children, or on the second wife and her neglect.

legitimate relationship
legitimate relationship


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