Yahya and Kunouz.. Inspired by “The Eloquent Farmer” How do you teach your child to preserve his property?

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The episodes of the cartoon series Yahya and Kunuz discuss every day a new story to introduce the life of the ancient Egyptian, and among the stories that were discussed during the episodes is the story of the “eloquent farmer” who did not accept that anyone take his right from him, and the story goes back to that there was a farmer who was walking with a donkey in one of the lands, And his donkey ate a little barley, so the nobleman took his donkey and the goods he was carrying that he intended to sell in the market, so he went to the king’s chief of staff to complain about him, and in turn he informed the king who returned to the farmer his right, and punished the unjust employee by returning his right, and rewarded him by taking the entire property of the thief and presented it to the eloquent farmer Hence, “The Seventh Day” completes some methods that help your child to preserve his property and not leave it to an oppressor, according to what was published by the “Seventh Day” website.thesimplicityhabit“.

Eloquent farmer

Teach your child responsibility

Responsibility training begins from a young age, starting with preserving his toys and tools and preserving them from being lost or broken, and then taking care, while continuing to train him without getting bored, make him responsible for his toys by saving from his money to buy his toy so that he feels its value and preserves it, and it is preferable Not providing a lot of toys in front of the child so that he feels that it is not easy to own the toys.

guide the child

When you decide to buy a game for your child or anything he needs, you must warn him to choose one game, and it is preferable that the child participate in its price, whether with money or by doing some tasks in return for the gift.

Cartoon Yahya and treasures
Cartoon Yahya and treasures

Keep it organized

You have to teach your child that everything has its own place, the playgrounds in his locker, the books in the drawers, the school tools in his bag, and his toys in the Saturday games, and this is what makes him interested in things and preserve them, and take responsibility for them.

Yahya and Kunuz
Yahya and Kunuz

Set an example

You have to be responsible for your tools and purposes, because the child learns with situations before he learns with advice. If you want to teach your child to be responsible for his things, you must first assume your responsibility.


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