The world turned out.. A nomadic cat visits 5 countries and 45 US states with its owners

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A Boston couple accompanies their cat “Bao Ze” on their many trips around the world, and so far, the cat has traveled with its owners to five countries, 45 states and 22 national parks..

And the American duo began to travel a lot over the past two years, after their jobs became remote work, in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, according to the New York Post.

Cat travels around the world

The American couple began traveling during the Covid-19 pandemic

For her part, Helen Vincent said: “We started this lifestyle during the Covid pandemic when we became working remotely, and before we lived in the city and we always felt that something was missing in our lives.” However, they knew that if they wanted to travel, they had to bring Six-year-old Bao Zi.

The American couple said that they usually decide where they will go only five days in advance, and they want to move almost every week, while the couple described their cat as more dog-like than cat-like, because it is very attached to them and very adventurous..

The cat is in its owner's bag at the airport
The cat is in its owner’s bag at the airport

A cat roams the world with its owners
A cat roams the world with its owners

Although “Bao Ze” was nervous during her first flight, she got used to getting on the plane over time and is now a calm traveler.“She loves to ride in cars and sleeps until we get to our destination,” she said. The couple said she’s perfectly calm when flying long distances, too.

Vincent said of their cat: “She’s happier and healthier than she’s ever been. She had all kinds of medical problems that vanished when we started traveling with her at the age of four.” They also provided the cat with a harness so she could urinate outside, in addition to In addition, Bao Zi has a travel litter box in case of emergency.

Cat Adventures
Cat Adventures


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