The series “Al-Safara” .. Ambitious towers and insisting on their dream, like “Shafiq”, the most prominent of which is pregnancy

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The events of the series “The Whistle”, starring Ahmed Amin and a group of artists, revolve around “Shafiq”, who works as a tour guide and finds an antique whistle that he uses to turn back time in order to change his life and take the job he dreamed of and marry the love of his life Sherine, and this ambitious personality matches the qualities of Some of the astrological constellations that we review in this report, according to the site “timesofindia“.

Ambitious horoscopes like Shafiq’s personality


Aries always wants to become rich and always brags about his favorite things, so he takes advantage of any opportunity available to him without hesitation until he reaches what he dreams of, so he is one of the successful people in her work.

The whistle series


When a Gemini man thinks of achieving something, he is not lazy about it, and seeks in every possible way to achieve it on the ground, and he works all the time to improve his skills so that he can achieve himself on the ground, and he also uses his persuasion skills to convince those around him of his skills that he possesses. .

Shafiq in the whistle
Shafiq in the whistle


The Leo is one of the very ambitious signs, and he always plans to achieve his goal, and he always does what he likes, and his ambition pushes him all the time to move forward in his work and when he assumes a leadership position, he is ready all the time to help those around him.

Shafiq in the series Al-Safara
Shafiq in the series Al-Safara


Virgo is an idealistic zodiac sign that is highly focused on her career. He always strives to prosper and advance himself in his work. He has high self-esteem and is confident of himself. He loves his work so much that he is willing to sacrifice his comfort in order to succeed in his work and achieve what he dreams of.


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