Tales from Scheherazade’s tongue.

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Scheherazade sat next to her husband, King Shahryar, to tell him a new story from the stories of “Sandaq and Nutaq”, and she said to him: “It has informed me, O happy king of good opinion, that Sandaq and Nutaq were playing ball with the children of the neighbors in the street, while Sandaq was playing and knocked the ball on the window of one of Neighbors broke the entire window.

Scheherazade tells the story to Shahryar

Sandaq felt fear and anxiety, and the children stopped playing and went to their homes for fear of punishment from their neighbor, the owner of the house whose window was broken. Sandaq thought of an idea to get him out of this predicament and said to his brother: “Sundaq, I am very afraid of Uncle Hassan. You know how nervous he is. I am thinking of when he comes out.” Maine asks the reason for breaking the window glass. I tell him to Fadi that it is the reason, and so he will not do anything for us.

The story of sandok, hazelnut, and the broken window
The story of sandok, hazelnut, and the broken window

Bunduq got angry at his brother’s idea and said to him: “No, Sandok, you can’t fix a mistake by another mistake. You are the one who broke the glass and you are the one who must admit your mistake and take responsibility for your action, but your claim and your injustice to another person, by committing this act, is contrary to the teachings of our religion and the beautiful morals that we were brought up with and that urges us along.” It’s time for us to speak the truth and take responsibility for our actions.”

We'll stand next to the broken window
We’ll stand next to the broken window

Sandaq felt ashamed of his brother, and said to him: “You are right, Bunduq. I am sorry that I thought I would blame another person for my mistakes, and I must admit them and bear their consequences.”

The two children went to their neighbor, and Sandaq said to him: “I am sorry, uncle Hassan. I broke the window glass with the ball while I was playing with it.”

Their neighbor, Uncle Hassan, accepted Sandaq’s apology, saying: “You don’t care, Sandaq, as long as you apologize for your mistake and take responsibility for your action. I forgive you, but when you play with the ball again, take care that you better break glass again or cause harm to one of the passers-by on the street.”

Scheherazade continued her story, saying: “The two children felt happy, and Sandaq, Hassan’s uncle, promised not to repeat what he did again, and…”.


The rooster crowed, and Scheherazade remained silent about permissible speech, and promised Shahryar a new story tomorrow, one of the stories of “Sandok and Nut”.

Hazelnut, hazelnut, and the broken window
Hazelnut, hazelnut, and the broken window


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