Suhoor on the 12th of Ramadan.. Beans with boiled eggs and yogurt

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Eating beans at the suhoor table is one of the most common meals that many people do not give up, especially those who do a lot of work every morning, and want to have a satisfying meal that makes them able to carry out their work without feeling the hardship of fasting. Many believe that as long as they do not eat beans at suhoor, they will He suffers from a hard day full of feeling hungry, and this is what makes some people sometimes eat only himself to ensure satiety, so the seventh day reviews with Chef Iman Abdel Raouf how to prepare beans with boiled eggs with yogurt for a distinctive and easy-to-prepare suhoor.


How to make beans with boiled eggs with yogurt

the components

A cup of fava beans

spoon of butter

a spoonful of oil

salt, black pepper, cumin, coriander “to taste”

Boiled eggs

Finely minced garlic


How to make beans with boiled eggs with yogurt

How to prepare

Prepare the cooked beans by mashing them well and leaving aside.

In a frying pan, heat the oil well and add the chopped garlic.

Stir the garlic until it takes on a light golden color, and add dry coriander to it, while continuing to stir.

Add the mashed fava beans and stir well, and add a piece of butter to it while continuing to stir.

Boil the eggs, then peel them, and in a hot frying pan with a cube of butter, put the boiled eggs in it, and stir it with the addition of a little black pepper, then cut it into rings.

In the oven casserole, add the beans, then add the eggs with butter.

Enter the hot oven for 10 minutes, then serve with hot bread, green salad and yogurt.

A cup of orange juice can be offered to children to help them avoid thirst during the fasting period.

Fava Beans
Fava Beans


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