Serra Al-Batea series.. Know the different types and forms of bird tattoos

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During the events of the series “Sarah Al-Bati’”, we see the star Ahmed Al-Saadani with a tattoo on his face that looks like a bird. This tattoo is one of the ancient customs in Upper Egypt that is drawn on the faces of children, and there are many types of tattoos, but in our next report we learn more about bird tattoos, according to the site “chronicinktattoo

Ahmed Al-Saadani, tattooed on his face with a bird tattoo

Types of bird tattoos

heart tattoo

The cardinal’s bright red wings represent a passion for life, and the cardinal himself represents youth and happiness.

red wings
red wings

dove tattoo

The dove tattoo represents peace and love, and is also known to value innocence.


crow tattoo

The raven’s brow symbolizes magic, secrets, mystery, and intelligence.

the crow
the crow


Like the crow, owls represent wisdom and knowledge.

Blackbird tattoo

The black bird tattoo symbolizes potential when it comes to a higher sense of ideas and intelligence.

Blue Bird tattoo

Blue Bird represents happiness and luck. There will be prosperity and joy in the near future.

eagle tattoo

The eagle tattoo represents strength.


The falcons tattoo represents their innate ability to hunt their prey, thus they symbolize courage and protection in case of war.


Parrot tattoo

Parrots are the most colorful, luxurious and talkative family of birds. Because they can learn and speak, parrot tattoos represent communication and companionship.

swan tattoo

Swan tattoo symbolizes beauty, elegance, loyalty and love.

Small bird tattoo

A small bird tattoo is an inspiration to achieve what we might think is impossible

Flying bird tattoo

The flying bird symbolizes optimism, ease and family value.


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