Jamila series.. How do you deal with the violent husband to ensure that his aggression is not repeated?

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The problem of husbands beating their wives is a serious problem that expresses the weakness of the man, and harms the dignity of the woman, even if no one has seen her. The artist, Hani Adel, who was her ex-husband, asked her, “Does your husband beat you like he used to beat me? Well, I was going to get pregnant because of my son.” Jamila replied to her, saying: “No woman would agree to be beaten,” which is the scene that indicates the need for the wife to confront the husband’s violence and how Do right with him.

Beautiful series

The right way to deal with the violent husband

Dr. Salma Abu al-Yazid, a consultant psychiatrist, said in her interview with “The Seventh Day” that the husband’s beating of his wife is not allowed for any reason, whether big or small, and the wife must take a specific and clear position on this act, and not be complacent, and it is necessary to inform an adult responsible for her. Like her father, uncle, or uncle until he feels how bad this behavior is.


And she stressed that his apology would not be accepted quickly, no matter how remorseful the wife felt, even if he gave her gifts and promised her not to repeat it. The phone is permanently in order to be a quick means of help in case of repetition.

Reham Hajjaj
Reham Hajjaj

The mental health consultant added that two parties must be brought, one from your family and the other from his family, to be witnesses to the conversation, with the need to confirm that what happened is a mockery and insult, and that what happened is unacceptable in any way, with the need to apologize and promise not to repeat it, and in the event of repetition it will be done. Separation immediately.

Regarding the precautions to be taken, the mental health consultant says that you should not stay in front of him, go to another room that can be closed to you, and contact a trusted person, whether on your side or on his side.


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