The Jaafar El-Omda series.. Know the most nervous astrological constellations.. and a constellation that resembles Jaafar’s character

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Each of us carries a part of nervousness in his personality, but it is in varying proportions, but when it exceeds the limit, many problems may occur, as Jaafar al-Amdah did in one of the episodes, when he hit someone who called him 3 times and did not answer him, so he went to him and beat him in front of the public, because nervousness harms its owner And it does not benefit him. In our next report, we review the degree of nervousness for the owners of the astrological signs, in descending order.

The most nervous zodiac signs, in order of most to least.

1- The Lion:

Leos are the most nervous and violent signs of them all, their fiery, solar nature makes them easy to provoke.

2- Aries:

Although he has calm features, he is one of the most nervous signs of all, and although his temper is very fast, his calmness is also very fast.

3- Taurus:

A Taurus baby often pretends to be cold, but in fact one word can make him angry and turn him into a very nervous person..

A scene from the Jaafar Al-Omda series

4- Cancer:

Cancer-born, beware of putting a thousand lines in dealing with him, although he pretends to be indifferent, but his anger comes quickly and unexpectedly.

5- Virgo:

A Virgo-born is very nervous, so to the extent that he is calm, he is nervous. Despite his consistency in the beginning of things, he is very nervous.

Jafar hits his wife's brother
Jafar hits his wife’s brother

6- Pisces:

Those born in Pisces are similar to those born in Virgo in nervousness, as much as they tolerate situations a lot, but their revolution is overwhelming.

7- Scorpio:

Those born in Scorpio are wise and do not get excited except when asking for the truth, because it is one of the signs that love justice and strive to achieve it all the time.

8- Aquarius:

Aquarians are nervous zodiacs, but the truth is that Aquarius controls their nervousness very much, but it is not easy to provoke them.

9- Capricorn:

Capricorns are born in the ninth degree, so because of his calmness and wisdom, his excitement does not come until after a long time..


Those born in Sagittarius are nervous people, but his behavior does not come as much as his nervousness and is often chaotic, so it is ineffective. Jaafar the mayor can belong to this sign, as he is compatible with him in some qualities such as romance, love of fun, and nervousness that pushes him to make rash decisions.

11- Gemini:

Gemini’s nervousness is simple, and it comes according to his mood. It resembles a decision in the sense that it stems from his personal desire..

12- Libra:

Those born in Libra carry the highest levels of self-control and calm nerves that do not escape except in the case of jealousy only.


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