The Beep series.. What is the midlife crisis and how to overcome it?

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Shafiq “Ahmed Amin” in the series “Al-Safara” suffers in his new life from a mid-life crisis, which prompted him to multiply his female relationships, which caused problems between him and his wife Sherine, his love of his life, and this problem is actually suffered by some men, and for this we review in the report, signs The midlife crisis, its causes, and tips for overcoming it, according to the website “forhims“.

What is a midlife crisis?

A midlife crisis is not a recognized mental health condition, and a man experiences it when he feels dissatisfied with his life when he reaches his forties, fifties, or sixties.

The whistle series

Signs and causes of midlife crisis in men

Because the midlife crisis is not a clinically recognized mental health problem, there are no specific symptoms, but a man may experience a feeling of depression that makes him feel anxious, pessimistic, hopeless, difficult to focus on tasks, feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and other symptoms, and he may also suffer from an anxiety disorder that is one of his symptoms. Feeling of malaise, muscle tension, difficulty sleeping, changes in physical health and more.

Factors contributing to a midlife crisis

There are many factors that contribute to a man going through a midlife crisis, including living in an unhappy marital relationship, changes in the levels of some hormones such as testosterone, and going through financial concerns and others.

Al-Safara series, starring Ahmed Amin
Al-Safara series, starring Ahmed Amin

How to deal with a midlife crisis

In order to overcome this crisis, a man must deal with his fears and treat them, such as if the fears are related to appearance, he must address that by taking care of his external appearance and weight, and if the fears are related to his healthy life, he must take care of his health more by following a healthy diet, exercising, and following up with a doctor. The therapist, and if it is related to a loss of self-confidence and value, he must search for his passion and try again and again to achieve some of the goals he dreams of, and if he cannot do that himself, he must go to a psychologist who will help him achieve that.

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Another image
Shafiq and his wife, Sherine, in the series Al-Safara
Shafiq and his wife, Sherine, in the series Al-Safara


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