Tales from Scheherazade’s tongue.. The tenth story “Sandok, Hazelnut, and the Golden Hour”

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Scheherazade sat next to her husband, King Shahryar, to tell him a new story from the tales of the two children, “Sandaq and Nutaq”, and she said to him: “O happy king, the one with the right opinion, it has informed me that Sandaq was playing in front of his house with his bicycle and while he was playing he saw a small thing shining on the ground, and he went to check it and found it.” An elegant golden watch, so he took it and brought it to his brother Bunduq and said to him: “Come on, Bunduq, what did you find in front of our house?”

Scheherazade tells the story to Shahryar

Sandaq gave the watch to his brother Bunduq, and he was happy with what he found. Bunduq checked the watch and said to him: “This watch did not belong to the uncle of Muhammad, our neighbor?”

Then Sandaq replies to him after thinking: “She really believes in it.”

Hazelnut and hazelnut in front of the golden hour
Hazelnut and hazelnut in front of the golden hour

Hazelnut replied firmly: “It remains necessary to return it now immediately.. His time is looking for it.”

Sandaq objected to his brother’s suggestion, telling him: “Why should we return it? I found it on the street.. and no one saw it. Then it looks very nice. I want it.”

Hazelnut, hazelnut, and clock
Hazelnut, hazelnut, and clock

Bunduq got angry at his brother’s justifications and said to him: “No one saw you, but our Lord saw you. This is called theft and is contrary to the teachings of our religion and the beautiful morals that we were brought up with, and which says that anything we find on the road is not ours and we must return it to its owners.”

Sandaq felt ashamed of his brother, and said to him: “I am sorry, Bunduq.. You are right.. We must return the watch to our neighbor, Uncle Muhammad.”

Bunduq felt happy with his brother’s understanding and his return from his evil thinking, and the two of them went to their neighbor, Uncle Muhammad, to give him the golden watch, and he said to them: “Thank you, children, you don’t know me.

A story of sandok and hazelnut
A story of sandok and hazelnut

And the two children replied to him, saying: “No thanks for duty, Uncle Muhammad.”

Scheherazade continued her story, saying: “And Muhammad’s uncle gave the two children some sweets to express his gratitude and thanks to them and…”.


The rooster crowed, and Scheherazade remained silent about permissible speech, and promised Shahryar a new story tomorrow, one of the stories of “Sandok and Nut”.


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