Surra Al-Batea series.. Al-Nahhasin Street, the destination for lovers of the art of brass artifacts in Al-Hussein neighborhood

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Ramadan drama this year is attractive and popular with everyone. Where the most beautiful places in Egypt emerged and monitored the various crafts that every artist with golden fingers keeps producing wonderful artifacts, such as the craft of engraving on copper in Al-Hussein neighborhood. In the art of making sculpture on copper.

The most prominent oriental arts and the most important crafts expressing Islamic art, if we go back to know the history of this skillful art, we find it from the beginnings of Islamic civilization.

This craft was famous in Egypt inside Al-Hussein district, especially in Al-Nahhasin Street, where artisans used to compete for this craft to create the most beautiful engravings, but with the development and works of technology in the various arts, the machine has a major role in this art, but with all this progress you find the owner of the handcraft The art of engraving on copper has a great status among the workers, and the piece it produces is sold for large sums because it is handmade, it took more time, effort and creativity from the owner of the craft than the machine, and it has a spirit that can only be felt by those who have a taste for art.

Ahmed Fahmy
Ahmed Fahmy in the series Surra Al-Batea

The events revolve around a young man who searches for the secret of the shrine of “Sultan Hamed” located in a village in the Egyptian countryside. The search for the mystery leads him to the time of the French campaign against Egypt, and he discovers that the owner of the shrine played an important role in resisting the occupation, as he killed one of the soldiers’ leaders and therefore launched The occupation campaign to arrest him, especially since he has a distinctive mark, which is a bird tattoo on his face and only four fingers on his hand, but the soldiers fall into a dilemma when the youths in the villages to which he flees cut off a finger from their fingers and draw the same tattoo on their faces to mislead the soldiers and preserve Hamed’s life. .


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