Series 1000, Thank God for your safety.. How do you choose calm paint colors for the walls of your house?

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The series 1000, Praise be to God, shows the colors of the house’s paints, “Karam and Superior”, although they are in line with each other, but they are noisy, they make you feel tense and constantly moving, and therefore we give some advice when you want to change the colors of the house paints, every year new fashions come out for us so that you do not get confused So much for choosing your new colors, we present this report, according to “thisoldhouse”.

Wall paint colors

White color

The white color creates calm, and the mixture between shades of white works to balance the place, especially if it is consistent with the colors of the furniture.

Another image

the colour blue

The blue color is the fashion of the year, especially in its shades from navy blue, to navy blue, and then turquoise. These colors are very popular with those with a classic and romantic spirit, as it resembles royal decorations.

Rose color

The light pink or rose color is considered one of the warm and cheerful colors at the same time, and it is the fashion of this year, and it is also compatible with all paints and furniture colors, whatever its colors, as it is a natural color.

A scene from the series
A scene from the series

Dark green colour

Dark green is the trending paint color for walls, attracting attention in everyone who lays eyes on it. Natural color gives you vitality and psychological comfort. And with all of the above, it is preferable to be in spacious rooms.

light green;

The light green color is one of the modern colors, as it is derived from pastel colors, a color suitable for every place inside the house.


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