Evil types of in-laws in the Ramadan 2023 series..the most prominent of them is Masoud Abdel-Jabbar

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In every family there are people who are kind and others who are evil, as is the case with the whole world. During this year, the Ramadan drama was able to embody evil types of “in-laws” in some of the series that are shown during the month of Ramadan, which we review in this report.

Evil types of in-laws in Ramadan drama

Lawyer Sharif, husband of Jamila’s sister

The series revolves around “Beautiful” Reham Hajjaj, a girl who graduated from the Faculty of Law and works in the Administrative Prosecution Office. And between her family, the lawyer, Sherif, prompted Jamila’s sister’s husband, “Hisham Ismail”, to search for a way to prevent Jamila from controlling her father’s inheritance, which he left for her, after her mother refused to file a lawsuit to prevent Jamila from disposing of the property under the contracts with her, because she wanted not to The matter between her and her daughter reached the courts.

Attorney Sharif

Masoud Abdul-Jabbar in a rare coin

The events of the Nadira Currency series revolve around the 1990s, about Nelly Karim “Nadra”, whose husband is killed by his brother Masoud Abdel-Jabbar “Ahmed Eid”, in order to obtain his entire land, and “Nadra” fights a fierce war with her husband’s family, after his death and refuses to surrender. for depriving her of her inheritance, and trying to find her right.

Ahmed Eid
Ahmed Eid

Jaafar Al-Omda with his wife Dalal’s family

Jaafar “Muhammad Ramadan” lives in the series “Jaafar Al-Omda”, a state of conflict and problems between him and the family of his wife, Dalal “Iman Al-Asi”, until it came to the point that Karem Fathallah, son of Hamada Fathallah, assaulted his sister in the street, which prompted Jaafar to beat him and almost killed him. He killed him, but his wife prevented him and said to him: “Don’t kill him, Jaafar. You killed me one before, it doesn’t have to be two.”“.

Jafar hits his wife's brother
Jafar hits his wife’s brother

And Ramadan said in the middle of the neighborhood: “Witness, O lady, O Zainab, the family of Fathallah has opened the door of blood again, and I will not close it.”.


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