April Fools… daily lies that we believe despite knowing the truth

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Some use lying as a way to get rid of a problem or dilemma they have fallen into, and with their repeated lies to others, everyone who knows them calls them a “liar”. On April Fool’s Day, we review in the report daily lies that we hear and believe.

Daily lies we hear and believe

3 minutes and you will find me in front of you

Some may promise others that he will meet them after a few minutes in a place, and he may promise that while he is wearing his clothes or styling his hair, or even between him and the place where he meets them a long distance, yet many believe this promise until they are patient to wait for him, and at the same time he promises Some make this promise, wanting to get rid of the embarrassment of being late to them.


Eating you is a masterpiece that will be delivered to your hand

A young man may say this sentence to his mother-in-law, or a young woman to her mother-in-law, or even a husband to his wife, out of his desire to compliment her and improve his relationship with her over time, even if the food is not appetizing.

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I will fix it now

The husband promises his wife to fix any broken thing in the house, whether it is an electrical appliance or even a piece of furniture, and this thing may be fixed after days or months of his promise to her.


I miss these days

Some may say this sentence to any woman, whether a co-worker, wife, or fiancee, to compliment her, improve his relationship with her, and raise her morale, even if the compliment has nothing to do with the truth.

Savings offers in some stores

Some stores may use deceptive tricks to attract customers to buy their products, especially on White Friday, by displaying banners for discounts on product prices, which were originally the prices of the products yesterday, but customers are deceived by these offers and seek to buy products and take advantage of the savings offers.


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