A Filipino tattoo artist graces the cover of “Vogue”. She is 106 years old

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An elderly Filipina, Wang Aud, appeared on the cover of Vogue Philippines, for the April issue, a move that makes the 106-year-old tattoo artist from the Philippines the oldest person ever to appear on the cover of Vogue.

Wang Oud, who has mastered the art of tattooing since she was a teenager, educated under her father’s instructions, resides in the mountain village of Buskalan, about 15 hours north of Manila, in the Kalinga province, and is considered the country’s oldest mambabok, or traditional Kalinga tattoo artist, according to CNN website.

Once upon a time, warriors got Butbut The originals to the hand-drawn tattoos that Maria Agee makes “Wang Oud”, as they call her, using only a bamboo stick, a thorn from the pomelo tree, water and charcoal, and now, many of her clients are international visitors who seek her designs and tattoos..

Wang Aude is the last tattooist of her generation

“The last mambabok of its generation, the Kalinga tribe symbols, signifying strength, courage and beauty, were imprinted on the skin of thousands of people who made the pilgrimage to Buskalan,” said the Philippine Vogue newspaper in a publication.

Wang Oud passed the art on to her granddaughters Eliang Wigan and Grace Pallicas for several years. Vogue Philippines editor-in-chief Pia Valdez said the magazine staff unanimously decided that Wang Ou should appear on the cover.

And she continued: “We felt that it represents our ideals of what is beautiful in our Filipino culture, and we believe that the concept of beauty needs to evolve to include diverse and comprehensive faces and forms. What we hope to talk about is the beauty of humanity.”

Before Wang Aud appeared on the cover, actress Judi Dench held the record for the oldest person to appear on the cover of Vogue, appearing on the front of British Vogue in 2020, at the age of 85.

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