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Our children are the pleasures of our livers, so we are all keen to raise them with a virtuous upbringing, so the Egyptian drama was keen this year in the month of Ramadan to present its best topics that talk about education and good behavior for children, so the series “The Protectorate” that talked about the adventure of the two children Farah and Hamza through Searching for the small fish “Bebo”, which came out of the reserve’s window and disappeared.

The spirit of adventurous research in our children is a distinct characteristic and has many health benefits, whether psychological or physical, especially if it is through outdoor play, which we review in this report, according to what was mentioned by the “edarabia” website.

Enjoy a high degree of fitness

When children move quickly in all directions, they move their bones and muscles, and this makes them more fit.


mentally healthy

When children spend a long time playing adventure outside the home, they stay away from mental illness, especially depression, and are more positive.

The series-The Protectorate..-3D-Action-Hero-Hamza-and-Farah-in-an-exciting-mission-to-save-the-protection-(2)

Mind running

Adventure is one of the most important games that depend on the realization and operation of the mind, and research in all its forms, which gives the child opportunities to learn, innovate and acquire new skills.

The series-The Protectorate..-3D-Action-Hero-Hamza-and-Farah-in-an-exciting-mission-to-save-the-protection-(3)


And the series of the reserve in 3D, 15 episodes only, and it is a work presented for children, and its events revolve in a suspenseful framework around the residents of the reserve, Farah and Hamza, the grandsons of the grandfather, who is the guard of the reserve, and the reserve is exposed to danger, and Farah and Hamza can protect the reserve in smart and innovative ways.


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