Tales from Scheherazade’s tongue.

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Scheherazade sat next to her husband, Shahryar, who awaits every night a new story from the stories of “Sandok and Nutq”, and he ordered his servant Masrour to go away to listen to a new story from her stories, and Shahrazad began to tell, and she said: “It has informed me, O happy king, of rational opinion, that Sandaq and Nutuk were sitting in their house On their weekends, Sundaq was sitting on the sofa in the living room, watching TV, eating the pulp and peanuts and throwing the peel on the floor.

Scheherazade tells the story to Shahryar

Scheherazade continued her story, saying: “Bunduq saw his brother’s act and felt very angry with him, and said to him: “What are you learning about this, Sandaq?!”

Laird Sandaq was amazed at his brother’s question: “What do you mean, hazelnuts! I eat pulp and peanuts!”

Laird Hazelnut responded decisively and harshly to his brother, Sandaq: “You are throwing chaff on the ground, and Mama is still cleaning the house and is tired of cleaning it and washing the dishes and is now sleeping because of the severity of her fatigue. Also, throwing chaff is contrary to the teachings of our religion and the beautiful morals that we were brought up with, and that urges us to keep our house clean and help Our mother, and throwing the peel in the room in this way will upset Mama very much, and she will have to clean it again, and she will feel more tired and exhausted.”

Sandaq felt ashamed of what he had done, and said to his brother: “I am sorry, Bunduq.. You are right.. We are supposed to keep our house and wherever we are sitting clean, and help Mama, and for that I will clean my place immediately.”

Tales of sandalwood and hazelnuts
Tales of sandalwood and hazelnuts

Hazelnut was happy that his brother understood his advice and began to join him in cleaning the living room from peeling the pulp and peanuts lying on the floor, and they rearranged the room together.

Scheherazade continued her story, saying: “Their mother woke up from sleep and found the room clean and their children studying their lessons, so she thanked them for their morals and calmness, and prepared dinner for them and sat with them to eat…”.


The rooster crowed announcing a new day, and Scheherazade remained silent about permissible words.


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