An elegant climber.. A man climbs a mountain of 4100 meters in a 3-piece suit and leather shoes

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A famous Japanese tailor and adventurer recently went viral on social media after climbing Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysia, in a 3-piece suit and an elegant leather suit, which is the last thing you would expect to see a man in a smart suit and carrying a bag on top of Mount Kinabalu, which is 4095 meters high. meters, however, such was the unusual sight mountaineers were treated to at the summit of Malaysia’s highest peak this week that Nobutaka Sada, a Japanese tailor and adventurer, took photos and videos to post on his popular social media accounts, and Echo owns a suit label. his own, and he often does these kind of stunts to promote his brand.

Japanese adventurer

Climbing and jogging

In the past, Sada has climbed Japan’s 26th highest peak, Mount Shiroma (2,932m), run the Tokyo Marathon, skied the slopes of Hokkaido and even snorkeled in the Genkai Sea, all while donning his impeccable suit, jacket, tie and tie. Neck, leather boots, and he always talks about his clothes and how they hold up in any situation. This time, he said, his suit kept him warm and cozy in the tropical humidity and rain, and helped him get to the “business meeting” at the summit in time.

@iceeminn123 #mtkinabalu ♬ nhạc nền – franks

The highest peak in Malaysia

And he wrote via TikTok, commenting on one of the videos, “Climbing Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in Malaysia in Borneo, in a suit at an altitude of 4095 .. I managed to stay in a hut in the starlight, climb a steep area, and enjoy the light at the top of the mountain.”

The scene of the Japanese “businessman” in a suit climbing Mount Kinabalu has attracted a lot of attention, and videos of Sada ascending a climber began online earlier this week. The Japanese businessman promised to upload a video of the experience to YouTube, where he usually posts. Longer promotional clips.


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