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During the last period, the world tended to recycle everything that was not used in the house, in order to preserve the environment from pollution, so that many mothers were keen to recycle scraps of cloth and made dolls out of them for their children, and they appeared in one of the episodes of the series Al-Kabir Ui Part VII Dolls made from leftovers.

Dolls made of waste appeared in the house of the kidnapper of Murbouha, “Rahma Ahmed”, where dolls appeared that we review in this report:

Broom dolls

In a scene of a profitable acquaintance of her fiancé’s family in her kidnapper’s house, dolls designed from a “broom” and a hanger appeared and wore an old drapery, and their features are defined by colored papers, and they can be implemented inside the house, and they can be added as a piece of decor inside the child’s bedroom, or turned into a toy that the child plays with in days his weekends.


dolls from the pillowcase;

In the same scene, dolls appeared from the pillow, their features outlined with colored papers, which the kidnapper of Murbouha called “Hassan”.

Another image
Another image

Lampshades dolls

In the same scene, a doll appeared, consisting of lampshades, whose hair is pink threads, and its features are defined by colored papers. This idea can be applied at home with old lampshades, and it can be added as a decorative piece inside the child’s bedroom.

dumplings dolls
Dolls from the remnants of the series, the great Oi

And the series “Al Kabeer Oy 7” starring Ahmed Makki, Rahma Ahmed, Mohamed Salam, Bayoumi Fouad, Mustafa Gharib, Hisham Ismail, Sama Ibrahim, Hatem Salah and other artists, in addition to the appearance of a number of guests of honor, and the work is produced by Synergy Company, written by Mostafa. Saqr, Mohamed Ezz El-Din, and directed by Ahmed El-Gendy.

The series “Al-Kabir Awy 7” is shown on the channel on Exclusively at 6:15 pm throughout the month of Ramadan, as it is shown on the platform watch it


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