A legitimate relationship series.. 4 steps that help you forget the X, “so that you don’t stay like Amjad”

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Yesterday, the series “A legitimate relationship” discussed the relationship of the man who separated from his wife while he still loves her, and described the intense state of remorse in which “Amjad”, who is embodied by Murad Makram, lives after he separated from “Buthaina”, which is played by Mai Omar.

Separation does not just end the relationship. It can even destroy your self-esteem and make you feel lonely and unwanted. This can be devastating to your mental health, especially if you are still in love with your ex. But there are ways to move on and come out stronger and healthier.tikvahlakeMaybe all you want is to leave yourself alone and figure out what went wrong.


Cut off all direct and indirect contacts.

This is the first thing you need to do. You don’t have to know where your ex is or with whom, cut off all contact with your ex. The priority now is your own flight and they have no place in it.

Cut off communications
Cut off communications

2. Oblivion

Separation usually comes with regret. The more I thought about it, the more drawn into that vortex. Every time you replay an event or conversation, he oscillates between regret and anger.

Stay away from gifts
Stay away from gifts

3. Be realistic

Unfortunately, after a breakup, some people tend to stick to fantasy more than reality. When you say you love getting back together because it was the most beautiful part of your life, you’re not thinking objectively about the relationship. You describe a fictional version of it.


4. It is normal to still love your lover

A problem if you suddenly feel hate towards your ex. It’s totally normal to have mixed feelings and to hate them one second and then lovingly miss them the next. Our emotions don’t always follow a linear path. There are ups and downs and some unpleasant turns in between. If you find yourself in love with your ex, don’t blame yourself for the feelings left over from your relationship.

And the series “A Legitimate Relationship” starring Yasser Jalal, Mai Omar, Dalia Mustafa, Murad Makram, Basant Shawky, Afaf Mustafa, Yasmine Rahmi, Radshan Magdy, and a number of other artists.Forever Drama – Maha Selim “and”media Hub Saadi Gohar.

The story of the legitimate relationship series revolves around a number of social issues, including marital violence and the idea of ​​a second marriage.


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