Jaafar Al-Omda series.. Astronomical constellations similar to the need “Safsaf”, the most prominent of which is cancer

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Jaafar Al-Omda, a social series that won the admiration of many viewers, especially the character of Hajja Safsaf (Hala Sidqi), who plays the role of Muhammad Ramadan’s mother, and who deals with his wives with care, especially the new wife who declared to her that she does not love her, and her expressions that indicate that she will not trust her. Easily, everyone may know that trust is the basis of any relationship, whether personal, friendship or emotional, although it is not as easy to obtain as some people think, there are many who do not feel comfortable with anyone easily, which makes them tend to monitor and test the extent of support and acceptance of their friends or Their colleagues at work from time to time, they always take a position of caution and conduct a comprehensive study and think a lot before making any decision, and astronomy experts say that there are specific constellations who are suspicious and cannot easily provide confidence, and “The Seventh Day” reviews these constellations, according to what was published by the website pinkvilla.



Although the owners of the sign of Pisces show calmness, love, and meekness such as Haja Safsaf, if you enter their minds, you will find a lot of ideas, information, and plans that he sets for everyone he deals with, because it is difficult for them to believe others easily, and often the real reasons behind their conservative behavior They are personality traits or adverse events in early life that make them feel disappointed with people, so they often find it difficult to deal with criticism and are constantly defensive, and in their work they rarely try new plans, and they tend to follow proven methods, and they do not take risks, but they are often Less willing to do this because they generally distrust people.

Jaafar Al-Omda series
Jaafar Al-Omda series


Cancer people do not trust anyone because they try to save face by hiding their distrust of those around him, and this feeling may be a concern and fear of loss or failure, so before they trust anyone, they test him more than once so that they can deal with him.


Aquarians believe in conspiracy theories, which have no basis because they feel that the world from the outside was created to destroy them, and this is what makes them rarely have many friends, because it takes a long time to develop a level of comfort and trust in the people around them, which makes them isolated, they do not They admit their feelings easily, given their constant suspicion.


Despite the simplicity of the Leo man’s personality, he tends to be overly suspicious, especially if he trusts a person who is not as trustworthy as he is, so he immediately thinks that he is conspiring and lying to deceive him. They are often unable to trust others and have a problem in romantic relationships because they hate to appear. In a vulnerable state, Leo often feels lonely in imagining a world where danger lurks all the time.

Jaafar the mayor
Jaafar the mayor


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