A Spaniard pays 200,000 euros to his ex-wife for 25 years of domestic work

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A Spanish court has ordered a man to pay his ex-wife 200,000 euros for 25 years of unpaid domestic work, based on the value of the minimum wage for the duration of their marriage, court documents show. france24.


The man was ordered to pay 204,624 euros ($218,300) calculated on the basis of the minimum wage for the duration of their marriage, according to a court ruling in the Andalusia region in southern Spain.

The couple had two daughters, and their marriage was governed by the system of property separation, which stipulated that everything earned by each party belonged to him alone, which left the wife in this case without any possibility of obtaining part of the money earned during the years of the partnership..

Judgment details

The ruling stated that the wife had devoted herself, since marriage, to “primarily domestic work, which means taking care of the home and family and everything related to that.”And the legal papers showed in detail what the wife would have earned annually during the period between June 1995 and December 2020..

The ex-husband was also ordered to pay her a monthly childcare allowance for their two daughters, one of whom is a minor and the other over the age of 18. In a radio interview, the woman, whose name was not mentioned, said that her husband “did not want her to work” outside the home even though he allowed her to work in He owned gyms, where she handled “public relations” and worked as a trainer“.

But other than that, “I devoted myself exclusively to housework, taking care of my husband and the house,” she says, and “he made me take on the defining role” of doing the chores, to the point where “I was in a place where I couldn’t do anything else.”And she noted that the verdict made her “very happy” because she “well deserved it.”


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