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To adjust children’s behaviors in different life situations to deal well at school and at home, tips must be followed that help the family follow up on their child’s behaviors and correct and modify their behavior in the event that other behavior patterns are followed.

In the following lines, “The Seventh Day” reviews tips that make your child stay away from negative behaviors at school and at home, according to Shaima Iraqi, a behavior modification consultant.

positive behaviors in children

Make your child a positive role model for those around him, cooperating, participating and socially interacting. He participates with his schoolmates in various activities, helps those in need in case of lack of tools, and is always in contact with them and shares various occasions with them.

Your child is friendly and loving to those around him. He always visits the family and helps the neighbors, especially the elderly. Teach him to be kind to pets, and how to deal with them, especially the animals that frequent the house.

Your child is a leader. Instill in your child leadership, good management, and the ability to solve problems and help others.

Your child is loved by those around him who puts him in the circle of attention from others. An obedient child who follows orders and listens to the advice of others. Make your child not cause quarrels between family members and not create problems between his sisters, and deal with kindness, love and cooperation with them, andTrying to keep him away from his bad friends and classmates at school, and choose someone to accompany them and sit with them.

Be honest in what you say, encourage your child to follow the truth in speaking and tell everything that happens without exaggeration or excessive talk in order to gain the trust of those around him.

Not being lazy and slack in performing the tasks required of him so that he does not take the image of him as a lazy and neglectful child in his lessons, and he must also perform his meals on a daily basis without laziness.

Make your child consistent daily habits of organizing his room and tools And his wardrobe, while arranging the school schedule and meals, also organizing his time and making a daily plan for tasks that make your child disciplined in what he will be asked of.

negative behaviors in children
negative behaviors in children
teach your child
teach your child


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